What You Should Know About Protecting Your Firm’s Online Reputation


Michael Semanie, partner at Killgore Pearlman law firm, recently wrote about protecting your firm’s online reputation for the Orlando Business Journal…

With so many consumers turning to online reviews before making a buying decision, businesses understandably are concerned with protecting their online reputation.

Online reputation management services offer some possible solutions for addressing negative reviews. However, both businesses and reputation managers should understand the legal implications of their actions. Some businesses attempt to counterbalance the negative reviews by asking its employees and customers to post positive reviews. When a business solicits a positive review, that solicitation implicates various “truth-in-advertising” laws.

A business may solicit reviews from customers and employees, however, the review must be the reviewer’s honest opinion; the business cannot ask for positive reviews only; and the business must ensure that the reviewer clearly and conspicuously discloses any connection to the business (an employment relationship, the receipt of free or discounted products or services, etc.)…

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