Title Matters


As a former dealership owner, I can say that I know how your dealership works, how your dealership should run and all the tricks of the trade. I also know that it is common practice to dispose of vehicles and collateral through dealer auctions. What you sometimes forget is that one the most important things that comes from the auction is the titling of the vehicle or collateral. Whether you are a single dealership or a large dealership group, title must accurately reflect ownership to safeguard against annoying and messy problems down the road. For example, if you are a dealership agent purchasing vehicles for several dealerships, the agent or the auction may not have the right information to distinguish which dealership is purchasing which vehicle and may not have the correct information for the title of the vehicle being purchased. A simple form submitted to the auction prior to bidding can rectify all of the problems stemming from inaccurate titling. Please see our sample form that your dealership agent may provide to the auction to assist in accurate titling. The entity’s proper full name should be the ONLY name listed on the title.

A vehicle purchased for the entity below should be titled:
123ABC, Inc. d/b/a Mark Ornstein Auto

The title should NOT say any of the following:
1) Mark Ornstein; 2) Mark Ornstein Auto; 3) Ornstein Auto; or 4) 123 ABC.



Auction Information
Auction Name: Bill’s Auto Auction
Auction Location: 123 Auto Lane Road
Auction Date: May 25, 2014

Purchaser Information
Purchaser Name: 123ABC, Inc. d/b/a Mark Ornstein Auto
Name of Agent: Mark Ornstein
Contact Information:

Address: 2 South Orange Avenue, 5th Floor
Orlando, FL 32802
Email: mlornstein@kpsds.com
Telephone: 407-425-1020

Title Information
Title should be titled in the following format and name(s):
123ABC, Inc. d/b/a Mark Ornstein Auto

Any questions regarding titling should be addressed with
the agent noted above prior to issuing title.